Job Description

The CRNA will plan and administer anesthesia techniques including general, regional, local and sedation. The techniques can be performed both with and without medications. The determination of the anesthetic plan is the sole responsibility of the CRNA and will take into consideration the demands of the procedure, the requests of the surgeon and patient, the experience and skills of the CRNA, and the emergent demands of the circumstance. Anesthesia techniques may include the use of ultrasound, fluoroscopy and other technologies for diagnosis and care delivery, and to improve patient safety and comfort. The CRNA will facilitate induction, emergence and recovery from anesthesia; and provide post-anesthesia care, including medication management, conduct a post-anesthesia evaluation, and discharge from the post-anesthesia care area or facility. The CRNA also responds to emergency situations using airway management and other techniques.

QUALIFICATIONS: Education: Current certification as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. ARNP Washington license (Anesthesia) and RN Washington license. Current ACLS/PALS certification.

Training and Experience: Minimum of 5 years clinical anesthesia practice as a CRNA. Ability to function autonomously in a rural clinical environment

*Salaried/Exempt position