Job Description

Volunteer Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) assist in providing ambulance service to the community by volunteering to respond for emergency ambulance calls. Volunteer EMTs accept a responsibility to provide high quality medical care to patients at the scene and during transport within their licensed abilities and to assure the safety at all times of ambulance personnel and patients during transport.


  1. Education
    1. EMT
  2. Training and Experience
    1. EMT Certification updated as per DOH (WAC) requirements.
    2. Washington State Drivers License with driving record reviewed by Department of Motor
    3. Vehicles and with recommendation from local law enforcement agencies, when assigned as a driver. BLS within six months of employment.

SALARY: $19.25/hour 

Benefits include the following for per diem employees: Additional 10% (on base wage) in lieu of benefits and Paid Sick leave accrual (0.025/hr), EAP, 414(h) plan Mandated Retirement Contribution, Optional 457(b) retirement contributions