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A Community of Healers


Explore the FCH mission statement below and learn more about how our employees work together to fulfill this promise.

A team of healthcare providers, administrators, support staff, elected commissioners and citizen volunteers.

Who WeHire

We are always looking for qualified clinical, administrative and support staff to join the Forks Community Hospital team. Some of our highest needs are for medical and laboratory technologists, nurses, obstetrics and family practice specialists.

Forks Community Hospital is committed to providing a drug-free work environment. To ensure that services are delivered safely and efficiently, the District is dedicated to providing and maintaining a drug-free environment per RCW 49.44.240 (2) (b) and (e), or any other rights or obligations of an employer required by federal law or regulation. Pre-employment substance abuse screening is required as a condition of employment.

How We CareFor You

While there are endless intrinsic benefits to working in community healthcare, we support your peace of mind through these assurances.

Premium Benefits

Due to our status as a public hospital district, full- and part-time employees are eligible for insurance through the State of Washington.

Tobacco-Free Environment

Forks Community Hospital is a tobacco-free campus, and offers smoking cessation support for employees.

Low Cost of Living

Your paycheck goes further here, thanks to low healthcare costs, affordable housing and outdoor recreation.

Financial Security

Our employees may benefit from 401a and 457b retirement and pension plans, PTO, employer-paid extended sick leave and HSA/FSA options.

Education & Tuition Assistance

Forks Community Hospital is a Critical Access Site; physicians, nurses, and pharmacists may be eligible for student loan forgiveness. Other employees are supported in their continued learning and development by our education fund.

Dependent Care Subsidies

FCH employees are eligible for dependent care subsidies.

OurEmployee Testimonials

"One on one care with a personal touch"

"One of the special things about working at FCH that you can't always get elsewhere is the opportunity to really give one on one care with a personal touch."
-Cindy Schrader, Patient Restorative Aide, LTC

"Caregiving Spirit"

"My favorite thing about working for FCH is the caregiving spirit—any position, any department will jump in to give a hand. An environmental services worker might hand a grieving family member a cup of coffee, a blanket or a tissue. A Billing person or Admin team member might be running a mop or a vacuum after a waterline break."
-Deborah Dillon, Director of Patient Safety and Quality

"Most of our patients are friends or family."

"Our hospital has the true feel of family among the employees and providers, and this feeling extends to the community—each patient and visitor is greeted like friends and treated like family. In a community the size of Forks, most of our patients are friends or family."
-Doug Holt, Laboratory Manager

"We meet requests that pertain to nationality or cultural beliefs "

"The Native American community, along with the Forks community, provide us with multiple avenues that enable us to meet the needs of our (long-term care) residents, or any requests that pertain specifically to their nationality or cultural beliefs."
-Dawn Harris, Director of Long-Term Care

Your Move to Forks, W.A.

We’re here with answers and advice regarding relocation to Forks, and once you arrive, you’ll find lots of friendly faces and helping hands to welcome you. For relocation assistance or human resources questions, please email Jennifer Roberts at, Holly Clark at, or Rachel Luu Flores at
To read more about living in Forks, click here.

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